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The Foolishness of Slander

James 4:11-12

Some think that talk is cheap: it costs nothing and yet with a positive spin it can sell products, make money, and persuade others of almost anything.

The Foolishness of Confident Forecasts

James 4:13-14

Somebody recently said that you cannot mix Christianity with business, or let your faith interfere with your professional life; because it might offend people.

Planning in God's Way

James 4:15-17

Planning is not wrong, but assuming that your plans will always be right, is wrong!

Tears of Failure

James 5:1-6

The 1929 Wall Street crash that preceded the 1930's great depression, and the 2008/9 capital market crisis had similar roots.

Long Term Strategic Patience

James 5:7-8

In the face of many difficulties, the early church needed to know how to think about their constrained circumstances, and the way forward.

Grumbling Like Snakes in the Grass

James 5:9

Grumbling seems to be a natural habit; most people do it a bit, while some make it their trademark.

Suffering Patiently

James 5:10-11

Nobody likes suffering. Even Jesus hated the prospect of being the sin-bearer, separated from Father God (Luke 22:39-46).

Suffering without Swearing

James 5:12

James has been encouraging the Christian to be patient; trusting Christ and waiting until His will is done (James 5:7-11). Now he looks for evidence of a quiet heart that is confident of God's mercy and grace. The impatient, untrusting or frustrated person may lash out emotionally or physically when life does not go according to their plan, but more often they lash out with words - swear words. James says that swearing, which takes God's Name in vain or trivialises something sacred, is not right (Exodus 20:7). Jesus said the same in Matthew 5:34-36.

God Over All That Happens

James 5:13

Character is rarely fully seen; but over time we can see glimpses of the 'real person'.

Sickness, Prayer, Confession and Faith

James 5:14-16

James has been teaching us about how to act in times of suffering, frustration, trouble and joy (cf James 5:7-13). Sickness is one trouble that comes to everybody at some time.