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Glad to Serve

James 1:1

This letter from James is a feast of practical wisdom. As we follow his God-given advice, it will help us to transform our life at work each day.

Rising to the Challenge

James 1:2-3

James is very blunt as he writes to Christians who are in trouble, just because they love Jesus. He says that trials/temptations (the same Greek word) will come to us.

I've Started, so I'll Finish

James 1:4

Perseverance may sound dull but without it, nothing gets finished.

Working Wise

James 1:5

In our information-rich age, wisdom is in short supply. Information gives us knowledge, but wisdom gives us the ability to choose the right information, and when and how to use it.

Trusting and Stable

James 1:6-8

When a country, or indeed the world, is rocked by financial instability, the cause is always the same. People have stopped trusting each other.

Worthless Riches

James 1:9-11

Most cultures assume that richer people are wiser, and therefore better; but that was not what Jesus taught.

Motivational Promises

James 1:12

Giving-up is easy, but perseverance is difficult.

Temptation at Work

James 1:13-15

We love to take the credit when things go well; but we hate to take the blame. Transferring blame onto others is common in every culture. Alas, people often accuse God when they fall into sin.

Tricked or Trusting

James 1:16-18

Every temptation is a confidence trick. Satan shows us opportunities to satisfy our ungodly desires, and tricks us into feeling that it must be ok.

Quick to Listen

James 1:19-20

We tend to think that temptation is an inner urge to do the wrong thing. That is a part of the tempter's work, but not all of it. The impulse to lash out in anger is an issue for many Christians.